Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sick Care Model of American Medicine

The drug industry in particular is now primarily focused on treating illness, not promoting health, and has an industry market outlook projection of over $880 billion in sales in 2011. That's equal to one-third of TOTAL health care expenditures in 2008!

And guess what?

Top selling drugs have nothing to do with preventive health either physical or mental! The vast majority of them are sold to you based on their ability to lower or reduce isolated symptoms coming from an underlying imbalance in your body.

The more imbalance inside you, the more symptoms, and the more symptoms the more drugs you need.

That's what the drug companies have been telling America for the better part of two centuries, starting with the "patent medicines" formulations from yesteryear. It seems to me that the drug companies have now taken patent medicines to their ultimate pinnacle: a pill for every symptom needed every day.

Is this not a phenomenal business model?

The only thing they need to keep raking in their billions in profits is an endless supply of symptoms, which precludes allowing you to regain your optimal health, because that would drive you out of their business model. An optimally healthy American does NOT fit in their business model.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you and your family can "opt out" of the health industry's current "sick care" model and truly begin to regain your health. Read the entire article.

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