Monday, August 29, 2011

118 Year Archive of Sierra Club Bulletin

You may think that the 118-year-old issues of Sierra Club Bulletin (as Sierra was previously called) are sitting around gathering dust. But they're actually getting a new life online. The first 12 volumes (1893–1924) were recently scanned and archived by the Internet Archive.

The digital issues feature accounts of hikes and camping trips written by legends like John Muir, Joseph N. LeConte, and William E. Colby.

Rugged outdoorsmen weren't the only ones to leave their mark on Bulletin's early pages: Harriet Monroe, the founder of Poetry magazine, also penned a few lines for the Club. And the old ads are hilarious.

"A lot of people know about the Sierra Club, but few of them know what a long history the Club has," says Club librarian Ellen Byrne. The scanned issues represent some of the few remaining periodicals from the Club's early days. "Everything that was in the Sierra Club office burned in 1906, in the San Francisco earthquake and fire," Byrne says. "It's pretty rare to find the early Bulletins."

Find a link to the Internet Archive's digitized issues and a 57-year index of Bulletin authors.

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