Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ALERT! FDA Wants to Shut Down Supplement Sales

This has been happening off and on for years. I believe the FDA is waiting for the public to become numb to the threats of losing supplements, so that nobody responds and they can slide through the laws needed to take away our ability to use natural alternatives instead of drugs that kill more than 100,000 Americans each year, not to mention the compounded diseases created from the side effects of the drugs. Here's an article that explains the problem.

You may want to read about the content of the S1310 bill before proceeding with the article below.  Please take the time to write your Senator and Congressman.
You can write to them from here.
From Off The Grid News:

The legal drug industry, otherwise known as the pharmaceutical companies, have apparently decided the time is right to eliminate the one threat to their obscene profit margins that still remains. The FDA has issued new regulations that will give it god-like powers to regulate the supplement industry all but out of existence.

Nutritional supplements represent a safe and inexpensive method of preventing, curing, and reversing all kinds of debilitating health conditions. The problem here is that there are two troublesome words present in this description – ‘inexpensive’ and ‘preventing’. Both of these concepts are anathema to the pharmaceutical industry, for whom chronic illness and debilitating disease provide tremendous opportunities to make obscene profits.

Pharmaceuticals attack illness by attacking the entire body, while supplements help to stave off illness by helping people improve their health and boost their own immunity. The latter is clearly superior to the former, and any sane health care system would emphasize prevention and cost containment above all else. But that would not be good for the pharmaceutical companies, whose source of money and power would dry up if people got healthy without their “help”.

Of course their products kill more than 100,000 Americans every year, but we are not supposed to mention that inconvenient fact.

For those who would argue that the FDA is taking this action simply because it wants to protect the public from unscrupulous operators who want to exploit people’s interest in natural remedies, there are two aspects of this new policy that prove conclusively what the FDA’s agenda really is.

First, the requirement that nutritional manufacturers prove the safety of the ingredients they sell actually applies to companies, not ingredients. What does this mean? Simply this – if Company A and Company B both use the same new ingredient in their products, it will not be enough for Company A to submit evidence proving conclusively that this ingredient is safe and effective.

Even if Company A gains approval for one of their supplement (fat chance, but for the moment let’s pretend), Company B will still have to apply for an NDI permit for the same ingredient – and they will have to present separate evidence to prove its safety and efficacy! This shows clearly that the point of these regulations is to cause hardship for nutritional companies, not to protect the safety of the public.

For those who need even more decisive evidence, however, here it is – synthetic versions of natural ingredients, produced in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies who want to steal supplement business by turning natural ingredients into drugs, will be completely exempt from these new testing and reporting regulations.

So there it is – if the pharmaceutical companies want to sell fake, drug-like versions of the real thing to get in on a profitable game, they will not be required to prove that their synthetic creations are safe. If there were any doubts left about who is really pulling the strings in this latest FDA power play, this should erase them. Read the entire article.

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