Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Getting rid of the swarming summertime pests doesn’t have to involve harsh pesticides or gimmicky products, but it does require vigilance. Every summer, it seems, a new gadget promises to eliminate the seasonal onslaught of backyard mosquitoes: a fan to blow the pests away, a vacuum to trap them, a zapper to, well, zap them into oblivion.

Add these contraptions to the candles, sprays and lotions that are intended to repel the insects, and home mosquito control makes up a multimillion-dollar segment of the multibillion-dollar pest control industry.

But do any of these products work? Perhaps more important: Do some of them do harm, either to human health or to the environment?

For people who want to keep their yards both livable for humans and ecologically healthy during the buggy summer months, here's the bad news: There is no effective mosquito solution as simple as buying a zapper or lighting a citronella candle. Still, that doesn't mean homeowners are helpless. Consider the following steps to combatting mosquitoes.

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Beatriz Moisset said...

The mosquito season is almost over. However I feel that it is worth to add this comment.
Bug zappers kill more non-biting insects (including some useful ones) than mosquitoes. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1997/07/970730060806.htm. So they don't sound like a good idea. Even a bat house is better than a zapper.
I would be more inclined to try carbon dioxide baited traps. There is one that can be made very easily and that costs only pennies. The instructions are here: http://www.diyhappy.com/quick-and-dirty-mosquito-trap/

sharingsunshine said...

Mosquito season comes around again, so it's always good to have more information. I love the quick & dirty trap, Beatriz. Cool! Thank you so much for taking the time to add it.

I'm NOT into BUG ZAPPERS at all since there are too many beneficials and beautiful bugs that get killed with those awful things. The article was down on them also.

I'm NOT for DEET either, but although it was mentioned there was an alternative to it which I would recommend everybody use. I can't imagine putting DEET on my skin to be absorbed into my bloodstream. I've been using essential oils for many years and am happy with that natural alternative. Lavender Essential Oil is a simple way to go.

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