Saturday, May 26, 2012

Be a Life Changer

by Donna L. Watkins

My husband and I have been members at Kiva for about a year and it's been such fun! I'd like to give you a chance to feel great about doing something great ... and it doesn't cost you a penny.

We were blessed with the opportunity to be entrepreneurs many years ago so we want to 'give back' to those who follow in our footsteps. Everybody should be able to live their dreams no matter how poor the economy of the country or their personal situation. YOU can be a dream maker for somebody!

For a limited time, an anonymous donor is making it possible to allow you to choose somebody to lend to without having to pay for it yourself. Obviously they hope you will become addicted to the joy of it all and consider donating $25 yourself to change a family's life.

We began with $75, making 3 loans initially. As those loans are paid back the money returns to your Kiva account. So, you get to keep re-lending it over and over again. We've been able to be part of the loans for nine people in a wide range of countries.

Join me on Kiva and empower a borrower with a $25 loan… for free! Change a life NOW!.

Here's the faces of some of the people we've been blessed to help:

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