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Newsletter - 5/15/12

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Hello Dear Friends!

© Donna L. Watkins - Bee Gathering Nectar From
Prickly Pear Cactus Bloom - Daniel Stowe Gardens
I hope every mother had a lovely Mother's Day, but I know there are many sad situations where it's a day you want to ignore.  We have to know that we did our best regardless of any relationship problems.  After all, most of us were still in the process of growing up when we became a mother.

People have a choice in life to be bitter or get better.  God's emotional healing is available to all and His promises of restoration within us are certainly available.  Nobody has a Mayberry or Walton's childhood, so we all have to deal with life.  Fortunately when we do it with Jesus, it's a lot easier.

I am excited to announce that we have had a get-away trip to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

Although it was on April 9, I was not up to traveling from the bedroom to the kitchen around that time, so I just kept an image in my mind that we would be taking the trip a bit late.

We've always gone somewhere for our anniversary rather than buying cards and gifts.  I like experiences more than stuff.  They create so many more memories and require no storage space.

© Donna L. Watkins - Sunset Cruise on Lake Fontana, NC
So, we had two nights at the Fontana Village Resort by the Smoky Mountains which included a sunset lake cruise, one night in Greenville, SC since we love that town, then on to the Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve in Spartanburg, SC, before arriving in Gastonia, NC for a night to visit the nearby Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, NC the next day.

It was definitely a step of faith to embark, but I found that if I stayed in faith, allowing no fear to enter in ... things went very well. What was really amazing was the day we were at the Daniel Stowe Gardens I had no breathing problems at all and I walked over two miles, some of it inclined.  I just kept looking at Randal and grinning and kept praising the Lord for His faithfulness.

The Word of God is definitely quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword to do battle with (Hebrews 4:12).

Donna at Hatcher Gardens & Woodland Preserve
Spartanburg, SC
I have certainly not arrived at always grabbing my Sword. It's so much easier to sit in the physical realm and review all the things that are wrong, but we have to be Word Believers and focus on what is True in the spiritual realm, not placing our five senses above what God says. 

Even God calls those things which are not as though they were (Romans 4:17) because the reality of life for a Christian is truly in the spiritual realm. We have to trust that God's Word is above all else that we see, smell, feel, taste, or hear.

When I can't breathe well, it's hard to not let my hearing overrule God's spiritual truth that by Jesus' stripes I am already healed.  Jesus gave me healing as surely as He provided salvation when He died on the Cross and rose again.  The Church (as a whole) has left so much of the power of Christ within us stashed in some locked closet.  Be sure to read the post, Healing Is God's Will.  This teaching is what has turned my brain around to realize how much I left behind that was available to me.

Can You See The Cross Tree?  My Texas Friend, Elva,
Spotted It While Looking at the Album - Go to the center
of the photo and then look to the right at a silver green
treetop shaped like a Cross.  Thanks, Elva!
Luke 10:19 says, "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the Enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." Jesus defeated the devil before He rose from the grave and Satan has no power at all, other than what we give him. His only attack is deceit and when we fall for it, we open a doorway allowing him to rule in our lives through disease and many other avenues.

He can't keep us from getting saved, but he sure can make our lives miserable if we allow it. He tempted Adam and Eve with deception, enticing them with "being like God." They were already like God, so what sense does that make? I guess it's human nature to always want anything we think we might be missing.  There's definitely a belief system out there that more and big is better.

The laws of the universe are solid, as is God's law of faith.  When we truly believe, without wavering, we have a powerful law in use.  It's the wavering and doubting and unbelief that makes us believe that God's Word is wrong because we don't see something happening when we pray. We have a measure of faith from God which is plenty enough, but it's the doubt that keeps us from receiving.  God's always transmitting, but our receiver is broken from years of wrong thinking.

© Donna L. Watkins - Baby Cardinal
Few Days After Leaving Nest
With all the rain we've had, the habitat is lush and certainly appealing to wildlife. Mama birds have had to spend a lot of time on their nests with the unusual chilly mornings and the frequent rain. Speaking of mama birds .... When we moved to this property there really wasn't any habitat for cardinals. They like a lot of cover and the ground plants had been pretty well cleared by the deer population, so there was no place for them to nest.

We decided to remedy that by adding cedars to a corner of the property. We had them coming up in various places, so we just moved them all down there. Of course, we were adding bushes around the property also which did finally bring in cardinals. And in about 4 years the cedars were big enough for nesting. So we've had lots of cardinals and are happy for it.

Two of Three Young Cardinals Growing Up -
They Are Still Being Fed By Parents
This year we got to see the babies up close and personal. The parents seemed to feel that the bushes close to the back windows were the best places to be ... and at night they slept in the bushes beside our screened porch. I was thrilled to be able to see these little ones.  Here's a short video of one of the baby cardinals.

They seem to leave the nest before all their feathers are in and the funniest part was the tail feathers. As you can see in the photo, they are really short, but if you click on the first photo, you'll go to the album with another photo that shows the tail feathers up close. I guess it takes awhile for them to grow out.  The second photo of them is two weeks later.

Front Yard View From Porch - April
May is "Garden for Wildlife Month" and a perfect time to make your yard more wildlife friendly. Whether you're a gardening novice with a small balcony or gardening veteran with a few acres, you can provide for local wildlife by creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  Welcome birds, butterflies and other local wildlife by providing the four elements animals need most: food, water, shelter and places to raise young.  It's really that simple!

Thank you for your prayers.  I am still amazed at how God places people in our lives to support each other.  When I look back 6 weeks ago to when the ER doc told us to call Hospice so I could use morphine as I drowned in my own fluids, I realize how far I've truly come.

But I've never been a patient person and I guess no matter how many classes I get, it doesn't get better.  I want to be all well now!  I'm tired of the devil controlling my diet (sodium issues) and tired of not being able to breathe deep much of the time.  Now that I have energy I want to be able to use it!  I'm gaining muscle strength back which I totally lost with 3-1/2 months of mostly being in bed.

It could be the next moment that it all becomes manifested in the physical realm.  I'm a Word Believer, so I'm on my way!

Enjoy life!  Every moment is precious and full of many blessings!


P.S.  If you enjoy this newsletter and The Nature In Us website ... share it with somebody else!  Maybe you know of somebody who needs something in this issue.  Thanks!

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Cozy Home Cottage said...

Hi Donna! I am so glad that you and Randal enjoyed a nice trip for your Anniversary. Your photos are always a delight for the eye. I always enjoy stopping by and reading your posts. God bless you both and hope you have a beautiful week!

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