Saturday, May 26, 2012

Financial Aid for Pets

For the last 14 years, a small group of dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly to achieve seemingly impossible goals for pets needing medical care. Here's an organization that prevents many pets from being put to sleep. Read about In Memory of Magic with this clip from their website:

At the time of IMOM’s inception, IMOM had no mentors -- no other organizations to pattern ourselves after. No one was doing what IMOM wanted to do for sick, injured, and abused companion animals. We had to turn our focus to the one tool we all possessed. That tool was a strong desire and determination to help people help pets.

Since 1998, IMOM has funded non-routine veterinary care for more than 1800 companion animals. Funds paid out to veterinarians and pharmacies have surpassed our wildest dreams.

For our accomplishments we thank our team of volunteers, our community of supporters and the more than 1000 veterinarians nationwide who have worked with us. We could not have done it without all of you. We are eternally grateful to you for confidence and trust in our organization. Get more info or give to this worthy cause.

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