Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Designated "I Can Garden" Day

by Donna L. Watkins

Today I decided it was time to do some gardening. I'd been having plenty of energy but unable to use it since I couldn't breathe freely. As I focused more on healing for the breathing, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me Alfalfa. I am allergic to Alfalfa even though it's a great herbal food. I had begun taking a calcium supplement that had some in it. I was doing fine with it taking 2 a day, but looking back, when I began using 3 a day was when the breathing got worse.

Blooming Purple Homestead Verbena Planted Last Fall
I also realize that I was so influenced by the doctor totally linking the breathing to the heart valve destruction which was why he recommended Randal call Hospice so I could be made comfortable with morphine while my lungs filled with fluid and drowned me. I always fell back on it being the heart.

Any time I was challenged with breathing I would pray for my heart's healing and restoration to manifest. Finally I decided to ask God for wisdom, which He gives freely to all (James 1:5), and that's when I heard the word Alfalfa. God is faithful! We just have to depend on His Word rather than our minds.

So, today we got outside and I began working on what we call butterfly bank since it has a lot of natives on it and some milkweed for the Monarch butterflies. We are part of the Monarch Waystation Program. My body is still not interested in much bending up and down, so I tried to do as little of that as possible by sitting on the ground and 'scrunching' along as I worked.

Having spent several months mostly in bed, all of my muscles left on vacation, and are slowing returning as I demand use of them, but I know it will take awhile.  It's actually going much faster than I thought it would.

Then I pruned up some bushes and sadly cut out a couple of pine trees that just didn't need to be where they were. Had Randal do two others. I have the hardest time taking any tree out. They have been such a blessing to me in so many ways. But these would be blocking the sun from the plants below them and that would affect the butterflies, bees and birds along with some wildlife that feed from things ... so I knew it had to be. I usually have Randal do it so I don't have to watch, but wanted to do two just because I could.

I worked a total of 2.5 hours out there and made many piles for Randal to pick up. I said to him, "I hope you enjoy picking up the piles as much as I enjoyed making them." He said he didn't think about it when he picked up piles, it was simply work to be done. But I said, "well, it's been a long while since you've had me making piles, so enjoy it!" and he understood.

Praise you Father for providing healing to these bodies. I am a Word Believer and walk in faith that what You say has already come to pass in the spiritual realm. We just have to leave our five senses behind and focus on the Word, more than on what we see, hear, feel, etc.

I was delighted to be amidst the plants, without any breathing problems, thinking back to only three (3) months ago when the Emergency Room doc made his declaration. I can't express in words how grateful I am to Andrew Wommack's teachings which began with the book, God Wants You Well that I had received for my birthday in early September.

What a God birthday gift, although it was from my son! The book stirred my spirit to seek more of the teaching on Andrew's website and it has kept me moving along in the healing process. I began with a video series of a conference on the same subject, God Wants You Well.

The church has been so lacking in this area of ministry that Christ placed such an emphasis on. After that I downloaded the audio version of many of the teachings so I could listen while I laid in bed ... which is where I was spending most of my time then. My husband and I both got a lot out of You've Already Got It series.

In Matthew 13 Jesus spoke on the parable of the sower. The Word is the seed that God gives us to have our faith grow. Without sowing the Word into the good soil of our hearts, it just withers up and dies. It's not about just memorizing Scripture or reading many chapters a day. It's about taking the Word that is related to your situation and chewing and chewing and meditating and seeking God for wisdom and revelation on it that puts it deep within our hearts which is where we truly come to understand it.

Pyracantha, aka Firethorn, With Many Blooms This Year
Head knowledge of the Bible profits us nothing. The Word is alive and active. It will accomplish all that it says within it. God's promises are true and always available to us.

We just can't expect to send up a flare prayer and then go back to our TV programs, newspapers and magazines, feeding in all kinds of negative information, and expect to get healing in our mind and bodies. When you plant a seed you need to tend that seed or it will die before it produces any growth.

For several months now, I don't turn on the computer for three days a week. The computer is my work so I have to put some hours in, but I get to choose when. I find that having it totally off gives me a totally different kind of day. It's a great way to focus on the Word and spend time with my Daddy. God loves us so much.

In Mark 14:36, Jesus called the Father, Abba, which is a familiar word like we have in the word Daddy. God created us to fellowship with Him, so He is seeking us always. I find so much of who He is in the natural world around me so I spend my time on the screened porch looking at all He has created and knowing more and more how much He loves me.

He loves YOU too.  There is no partiality with God.  He loves each and every one of us, even those who would be categorized as evil.  He created us with a purpose in mind and when we choose to follow the devil's design for our lives rather than His, it doesn't mean He stops loving us.  It's hard to imagine Him loving Hitler, but it also makes me well aware that if He does, then I can surely receive His love for me.

Seek Him today ... schedule time to seek Him every day.  You can build a close intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  What else can compare to that!?

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