Saturday, May 26, 2012

Biblical 'Eco' Miracle Saves Land!

The Vineyard Boise had grown and thrived on a beautiful 22-acre spread in the midst of Boise's poorest neighborhood because of an environmental miracle.

The bank had wanted a million dollars for those 22 acres, far more than the Vineyard Boise could afford. It was then that the Environmental Protection Agency drilled test-holes and found a dry cleaner had polluted the land's soil and ground water.

"So the EPA condemned the property," Pastor Robinson explained.

In the face of that, the bank dropped the price of the land to $170,000. The church scooped up the property at that bargain price but was faced with the fact it couldn't build anything on the condemned land.

At that time, church-cleaner Ray Gallegos read about how the prophet Elisha in the Old Testament had healed polluted waters with salt. Read the amazing results ....

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