Monday, September 11, 2006

Almost Free Animal Food

We have an orchard only a few miles from our home. The couple that owns it moved here the same year we did and planted apple trees. We've seen them growing and this year we've picked a bushel and a half so far.

When I went to pick the second time I asked if I could also fill a couple grocery bags with fallen apples for the wildlife. They allowed me to do so and only charged $2 for both bags. I was so excited. All of our critters have been having a grand time. I put out a buffet one evening of watermelon and apple halves and in the morning there wasn't a scrap left. I couldn't believe it.

Think about some local places that may have "fallen" fruit or vegetables that your backyard wildlife would love to have. This time of year the wildlife are already storing up calories for the long winter, so they will appreciate anything extra you can offer them.

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