Monday, September 4, 2006

Eating Wild and Natural

Randal and I have been vegetarians for 27 years, but we realize there are people who will never give up their meat. So, the next best alternative is to at least provide information for meat-eaters to choose humane sourced meats, so they won't be buying factory-farmed products.

The Eat Wild website is the most comprehensive website on grass-based farming, providing information about the animal welfare, human health and environmental benefits of grass-fed husbandry. On this website you can also locate grass-based farmers by state from which to buy grassfed beef, veal, bison, poultry, pork, eggs and milk.

Select the "Shop for Meat, Eggs & Dairy" tab on the left side of the page, then your state, for a list of farmers in your area. Some farmers will ship products directly to your door, so look at neighboring states also. Visit Eat Wild.

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