Saturday, September 16, 2006

Monarch Butterfly Waystation

In the early mornings, here in Virginia, you can feel Fall in the air. Some of the leaves are turning yellow and the birds are definitely storing up. Right now we've got tons of Monarch Butterflies coming through.

This year it feels really special to watch them since we got our yard certified as a Monarch Waystation. There are lots of projects that you and your family can do to help the Monarchs. What a lesson for young and old on how we can be transformed by accepting Jesus in our heart as Lord and Savior. If you'd like to know more about butterflies and maybe find a project that fits your time schedules, visit the Monarch Watch website.

Because the deer eat so many of our plants here, we keep some plants on the deck. That's where our Stonecrop Sedums are and we've discovered that the Monarchs enjoy them also. We literally had hundreds of Monarchs flying through. They were all over our butterfly bushes and flowers.

I simply couldn't get much work done that day. Watching them and being outside as they floated around me was mesmerizing.

I thought of my dear friend, Louise, in Alabama, who hasn't been able to walk around for awhile until her leg heals. It's hard to stay sitting or lying down when you are used to being active. She loves butterflies and I pictured her and me sitting in the butterfly bench that her husband made for us. Watching such a show would surely have made her feel as though she was moving with them.

The butterfly bench has been a real blessing to us and oddly to many subscribers who write me and tell me they find peace and rest just by looking at it. I'm sure there's a lot of the Holy Spirit in it since Charlie is not known as being artistic. He relied on the Holy Spirit to direct him every step of the way on making this bench. We saw it in a shop in Charleston, SC, when we met Charlie and Louise there for a visit.

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