Friday, September 1, 2006

Gardening For Monarch Butterflies

We've been enjoying so many butterflies, especially the Monarchs. My auntie mentioned that looking at a Monarch makes you realize where they got the idea for stained glass. That was a great comparison. They are such a work of art.

The Monarch here came from the chrysalis beside it and it's on what we call Butterfly Bank here at Bluebird Cove. The small bank by the mailbox was designated as a butterfly depository of eggs since we transplanted a number of native meadow plants from nearby before they developed the area.

Milkweeds are the only plant that butterfly larvae (caterpillars) will eat, so it's very important to protect such plants. We were grateful that the developer allowed us to take as many plants as we wanted from the field. The exciting part is that these are plants that have been used to making it on their own and that was needed for this area down by the road since it's not easy to get water to it.

Earlier this year we received a cash gift from some dear friends I've mentioned before. Louise and Charlie Allred. Charlie made the steel Butterfly Bench that is such a treasure to us. Louise loves butterflies so it was very appropriate that we used that cash to have Bluebird Cove designated as one of the Monarch Watch certified way stations. The local paper did an article on us with photos and this Monarch photograph was included. Our picture was taken in front of the sign we also purchased with the gift cash.

Hopefully this sign will cause others in our neighborhood to think about not only butterflies but other species that need a little help from us in the crazy world of "progress."

Several of the many walkers that come by have already asked to see the garden and other friends in the community have asked questions.

Enter the word monarch in the search engine of our photo gallery for more Monarch photos.

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