Friday, September 1, 2006

Squeek - Our HIV Cat - Natural Alternative

This is our Squeek. She loves the screened porch and we made a little patch of earth for her in a large litter box by filling it with dirt and planting some of her favorite grasses in it. If she liked catnip we'd put some of that in there too, but she's one of those kitties that doesn't care about catnip.

She's an herbal kitty since she was diagnosed with Stage III FIV in February. Prognosis was not good since the vet did not expect her to live out the rest of that week.

That was over six months ago, so we're very happy with what
VS-C and THIM-J and Spirulina are doing for Squeek, and she seems so eager to take her herbs that we sprinkle on her food. She gets a bit of Vitamin C and E also several times a week.

Our friends comment on how healthy she looks and she's more playful than she ever was. We use
Life's Abundance food to ensure her immune system is not weakened by chemicals and bad ingredients that are in many pet foods today. We never know how long we will have our pets, but we're very grateful to be able to make a difference in Squeek's life to keep her around for as long as we can.

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