Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calming Pets With Herbs

When your pet suffers from stress or anxiety, you can calm him with herbs. Herbs which we call "nervine herbs" will help to build and feed the nervous system for an animal ... the same as they do for a child who's got too much energy.

Chamomile is one that is well known. It's a good bedtime herb for humans and can be used to calm a nervous animal. This herb is part of an herbal combination called Stress-J which has been used for hyperactive children.

Valerian Root has had a lot of research and we've had quite a few customers using it for pets. One that always comes to mind is a Rottweiler that lived in a house that had a home business. When the customers would come to pick up orders, the dog loved to be the greeter - and stand up in honor of the guest, which was not well accepted by the customers.

The owners began giving him Valerian Root in capsules and after a week he could get some benefit out of the obedience training he had taken. His nervous system was able to obey. The funny part was that he loved his pills. Whenever the owners would go to take their herbs, the sound of the capsules brought him running to beg for Valerian. I would've loved to have had a video of this!

Remember also that a pet usually picks up the "energy" of his environment. If you're stressed, you might want to try some of these ideas yourself.

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