Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poll: Anniversary of Pet Recall

It's great that the largest recall ever has continued in the news along with a focus on many other recalls since the loss of thousands of pets.

Now a year later there's still a lot going on online to keep the public active and involved to prevent this kind of atrocity again. Fanny Syufy of shows these links in a recent blog.

Are pet foods and treats made in China safe for my pet to eat?
A year after pet food recall, still buyer beware
A year after Menu Foods scandal, pet food off the radar of regulators
Food safety system near "breaking point": FDA
Teen's illness stirs pet food debate
Last Years Pet Food Recall

Franny posted a poll on her blog and the results are encouraging that not all pet owners and consumers have become complacent on this issue.

The poll question asked: "A year after the pet food recalls, have you regained your trust in the pet food industry?"

At 340 votes, 155 readers (45%) voted SOMEWHAT, but not entirely.
More hopeful was that 152 readers (44%) voted NO.

Add your answer on the poll and view current poll results.

Menu Foods, whose contaminated product led to the deaths of thousands of dogs and cats in North America, has agreed to settle lawsuits with pet owners in the United States and Canada. Read that story here.

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