Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Signs Of Dental Problems In Pets

1. Change in eating habit - teeth may be sore or loose
2. Pawing at face - possible mouth pain
3. Depression - bacteria can overwhelm the body and make your pet lethargic
4. Mouth odor
5. Redness or bleeding along the gum lines
6. Dark or yellow teeth - may mean bacteria is in the bloodstream.

Prevention Tips:
Set up a schedule to brush your pet's teeth. Be gentle and know that some cats won't like it very much. The earlier you start, the better chance you have at success.

Have a vet check your pet's teeth and gums during any visit.

Use a pet toothbrush, not a scraping utensil.

Use antioxidant herbs or nutrients to prevent degenerative problems.

Feed your pet a natural and balanced diet. A good diet will prevent many health problems. We recommend Life's Abundance.

If you already have a case of gum problems, consider CoQ10 which has proven success rate with humans and pets.

For more information on dental health, read this blog post: Dr. Pitcairn on Dental Problems in Pets

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