Monday, April 28, 2008

Scheduling Your Pet's Social Life

Does your dog have a social life most single people would envy? Or is your furry friend in need of a dating service to find more compatible playmates?

The rapid spread of off-leash dog parks and the increase in the, shall we say, "spoil factor" among pet owners has opened up a whole new world of social interaction for dogs and their guardians. Recently a friend was checking her calendar before setting aside some time to meet and it went something like this:

Tuesday: Ralph and Kiki - 4:00 - Dog Park
Wednesday: Lucky and Mona - 5:30 - Beach
Thursday: Nunu - walk/lunch
Friday: Mark - 6:00 Dinner (Aha! A human!)
Saturday: 10:00 - "The Gang" - Dog Park

Her calendar had more play-dates in it for her dog than for herself! Even her lunch date on Thursday included a dog! What? Your dog hasn't had a play date?

Check here for an off-leash park near you and get socializing: U.S. Dog Park Directory or Dog Fun Directory

And speaking of "meeting up" with pals, how is YOUR social life? Are you waiting to find like-minded friends who will love your four-legged family as much as you do? Wait no longer! Check out Date My Pet or Animal Attraction.

Here you can find animal lovers like yourself looking for everything from friendship and play dates for their pets, to love and a commitment to cherish all four-legged family members in a "blended" family forever.

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