Monday, April 21, 2008

Weary Of Well-Doing

by Donna L. Watkins

While caring for her husband for 13 years, a friend also had the opportunity to care for her father in his last years. He passed on recently in her arms.

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Weary from the daily tasks, she finds her strength in prayer and meditation on God's Word. But some days ... well, you know how they are. You just get too weary of the well-doing to put your faith in gear.

Any caretaker role is hard. I often think it would be grand to have enough money to provide people with a good living to do the caretaking so the relative could focus only on the relationship and having fun. I often wish I were a millionaire to make life easier for many people, but then I wonder if I would be robbing them of some of their blessings and rewards. So much that we do not understand about life and living.

The rheumatoid arthritis gives me weary days but I remind myself to focus on the Isaiah 40:28-31 which I have memorized so I can close my eyes and glory in the wonder of who God is and then picture myself as strong and mighty as an eagle. Dipping down to the water and grabbing a fish like it was a leaf.

We must take as firm a grasp on the depth and breadth of God's love for us and know He provides strength when we reach out and need it. Maybe we just don't feel like we deserve it at the time. I find myself self-talking against the very faith that I am trying to garner from The Word. Too often I am too weary to think, but if I open myself to the Holy Spirit, He will lend me a hand to climb out.

Satan wants us to crawl into a big black hole, curse God and die! But we shall NOT! :-)

Don't do it alone. Share your weakness with somebody else, pray for each other, and heal day by day. We take on too much and think we need to handle it alone. We don't want to "bother anybody" but God created and designed us to fit together and to pray for each other. Don't live outside the will of God by going it alone.

Each life is different and we don't understand anything really ... but this life is a drop in the bucket compared to eternity ... so just keep looking forward!

I'm praying you will have renewed strength and focus on Him and not the tasks. Sometimes we want more done than God expects us to do and that really drains us. Be watchful! Be realistic and don't get down on yourself. Life in the U.S. is too high-geared. Just because you live here doesn't mean you need to join the rat race.

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