Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning To Live Loved

by Donna L. Watkins

In a previous post, In The Darkness, I mentioned "dark moments, dark dreary days, dark seasons, dark circumstances and awfully dark spiritual times as we struggle to be faithful to God during this sojourn of life on earth."

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Life does hold many dark moments and sometimes people get trapped in them. It's been so long since they've seen the Light ... or maybe they've never seen the Light.

God says His goodness draws men to repentance. Not His condemnation. We get enough condemnation on our walk through life. God wants to offer love. Not learning to live large or learning to live well or learning to live in comfort or learning to live in health and wealth ... but simply, living loved. Not that all those other things are not available or important, but to build your entire world around the knowledge that you are loved with a love so deep that it's beyond our human comprehension. That kind of living will make living all that we could ever hope and dream for it to be.

The reality of the love of God is hard to grab hold of when life is difficult and dark. It would seem that God could make all the pain go away, like we would want to do for our own children or somebody we loved. That makes us question God's love for us. If He truly loves me, why doesn't He do something about this?

We compare our parenting with how God should do His, but He is a Perfect Parent. We are not. We are influenced by feelings, emotions and generations of family behavior and traditions.

Have we thought of turning the tables around from our accusations to include ourself in the judgment we wish for God to take. Of course we don't want justice. We have all sinned in many ways and through repentance we find our way back to Abba Father again. This is possible because of Jesus.

Evil will be with us until the new Heaven and Earth. Free will gives man a choice to do good or evil and we all live in the same world. God does promise to use everything in our lives for our good (Romans 8:28) if we love Him and that promise is so key to trusting in Him. To be able to rest in His love through grief with Him preserving our tears in a bottle, rather than raising our fists in anger and blame and refusing His comfort.

So, how do we make our way back to God? Every circumstance, trial and tribulation we've experienced has built a brick wall heaven high between us and God. In the spirit, we can pass through those walls. We don't have to break them all down brick by brick. Because of His love for us, His arms are always open and waiting to meet with us. They are always there for us.

What about you? Do you really want to be God's judge? Does it bring you any satisfaction or freedom or comfort? What about learning to live loved? Does it sound tempting? Does it feel warm and inviting? It's a re-turning process and re-training of the mind that has gone off track. We still have choices, don't we? Don't we choose evil when we allow it to rule our life and paint our days?

Who would you be if you let go of all the guilt, shame, grief, despair and anger at God? These things wash away all the beautiful colors that our paint our life's story. Have you used acrylic paints? I don't paint, but have friends who do, and when they make a mistake or change their mind, they just paint over what was there, coloring it with what they now want their painting to be. We have that option too. Seek the Master Painter today and choose to re-turn and learn to live loved.

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