Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cat Hairballs and Its Remedy

Squeek, Our Precious Converted Feral FIV Kitty - Age 14
We have a short-haired kitty but having been feral, her internal excess energy is exposed in her frequent grooming ... or maybe it's the extra time she has now that she doesn't have to hunt for food.  Regardless, she does like to pretty up often enough that she is sometimes challenged with hairballs.

She's been getting a quality high-protein moist food as Dr. Becker's article (link below) recommends.  We use Dr. Jane Bicks formulation, Life's Abundance Instinctive Choice, because it's like meat in the wild and that's what she was used to having as a feral kitty in the woods.  Dr. Bicks is also personally involved in the sourcing of the ingredients so there's never been a recall.  All these recalls unnerve me!

I've been brushing daily for years just because she loves to be brushed, but I learned from Dr. Becker's article that she needs more Omega 3's and what she recommends is Krill Oil.  I will begin that tomorrow.  She does like some kibble for an evening meal so I will continue with the Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Cats.  I measure her water so I know she gets what she needs.  As long as she's drinking well, I'll continue to give her the kibble since she enjoys it a lot and it's another rich source of Omega 3's.

Dr. Becker says .... "There are a number of ways to temporarily remedy a hairball problem -- some more advisable than others -- but if a cat is suffering with frequent hairballs it's important to rule out serious underlying conditions as a possible cause for the digestive disturbance.  This is especially true if the hairballs are a new problem in a mature cat. Sudden GI issues in a middle-aged or senior kitty should always be thoroughly investigated."  Read the entire article.

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