Friday, November 5, 2010

A Time To Give Thanks - Choosing Your Turkey

We've been vegetarians for more than 30 years, but realize that's not a choice some people want to make. But choosing to lessen the suffering of farm animals is one that can be made whether you eat meat or not. There are now options for buying meat that is so much healthier than that obtained from a stressed and diseased animal that hasn't felt the earth beneath its feet. Check out the link to Local Harvest below and find better choices in an area nearby.

From Food Animals Concern Trust Newsletter - November 2010

The coming holidays are filled with many food-related traditions. As we prepare for these festivities, we should be mindful of the need to supports humane farming.

During these coming weeks remember that all animals deserve care and respect. Farm animals in particular should be free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, disease, fear and distress. They should also be able to express their own natural behaviors, such as dust-bathing for hens or nest-building for sows.

Unfortunately, life for most farm animals is not humane. In order to maximize profits, turkeys and chickens have been bred to grow huge and fast. There are better options in which farm animals are not forced to live in crowded barns and pumped full of antibiotics to speed their growth. Humane farming is part of the answer. Humane farming means raising animals in a way that respects their existence and promotes animal welfare.

Taking this a step further, living humanely means caring about the people and animals that inhabit this world, and making choices that reflect compassion and respect for others. These qualities - along with many more such as integrity, empathy, and honesty - are essential components of a humanely-oriented community and world.

What can each of us do to support humane farming and live more humanely?

Give thanks for what you have, including the food you eat. Acknowledge your food at every meal. Encourage family members, children included, to cultivate gratitude for the animals and the people who have made their sustenance possible. Thank grocers and farmers who support humane ways of raising animals.

Make humane choices at the grocery store. Seek out brands and products that make animal welfare a priority. Visit FACT's Humane Choices webpage for more information.

Express your appreciation for these animals this season by supporting farmers who use humane methods and by making humane choices at the grocery store. Read Sustainable Table's Talking Turkey before you make your final choice. You can also visit the Eat Wild website dedicated to grass-based farming, and websites such as Local Harvest or Eat Well Guide to locate sustainable options.

FACT strives to provide shoppers and eaters with information about how to make humane choices. We also take a policy-based approach to stop some of the most egregious dangers to animal health and welfare. Together we can make a difference! Please visit our website for more information.

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