Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wild Animal Baby TV on PBS

Wild Animal Baby Explorers debuts its first season in fall 2010 with 23 all new episodes.

Based on National Wildlife Federation’s award-winning magazine, Wild Animal Baby, the television show introduces preschoolers to the world of animals and helps them develop important observation, problem-solving and listening skills.

The series combines lovable 3-D animated characters and stunning high-definition wildlife footage to introduce fascinating animal facts and nurture young viewers’ inherent love for nature.

The show’s five characters each enjoy nature in their own unique way, but they all love to look around and look around some more. Observing is something all kids can do every day.

Beyond the lesson of observing, Wild Animal Baby Explorers also help kids to:
  • develop science vocabulary such as "polar" or "cub"
  • learn about animals big and small
  • make connections between the things then already know and the things they learn
  • play with language, as well as music, rhyme, sounds, and song
  • develop gross motor skills as they imitate animals
In short, viewers will LEARN by WATCHING and DOING!
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Wild Animal Baby Explorers television show
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