Monday, November 15, 2010

Newsletter - 11/15/10

Hello Friends!

I told you in the last newsletter that our excursion to the Williamsburg area included a visit to Westover Plantation.  I now have the photos and historical journaling of our visit on the gallery of albums.  View Westover Plantation.  In case you missed it in the last issue, view Historic Jamestown.

This year I've really increased my front porch bird buffet which has brought me such delight in previous Fall and Winter seasons.  It's already providing wonderful entertainment since I work at home and have moved my work area to the dining room table.  I even turned the table around to face it.  Why worry over "how the room looks" when I'm having such fun.  Besides, I've begun to realize that other people actually live in their homes also, so it doesn't look like Home & Garden magazine.  Gee whiz!

© 2010 Donna L. Watkins - Front Porch Bird Buffet

To avoid squirrel domination, I use seeds that they don't like such as thistle (nyger), safflower, millet and mealworms.  For the ground feeding white-throated sparrows, cardinals, juncos, doves, and jays I put down cracked corn with some sunflower seeds mixed in.  This keeps the squirrels entertained, so they only come to the porch for the bird bath to get a drink.

I've had flocks of American Goldfinches (video) come through during migration flying all over the one thistle sock feeder I had at the time.  Since then I purchased two more with plenty of space between.  I'm hoping the suet feeders will draw the woodpeckers to the porch - they've always fed from the ones hanging with the birdfeeders on a pole.  Those 6 feeders I keep filled with black-oil sunflower seed since it attracts the most species of birds.  The carolina wrens are dominating the mealworms (video).

It doesn't take a variety of feeders to begin feeding birds and having free entertainment for your family ... just started with one dish and a saucer of water that you freshen up on a regular basis.  The birds will thank you for it with plenty of antics that you will enjoy.

Remember if there are roaming cats in your neighborhood, it's not a good idea to attract birds since they kill an astounding number of birds.  And be assured having a bell on the collar doesn't do anything since a cat stalks its prey and the bell doesn't ring until it's too late.

Here's an educational website for Winter Bird Feeding -- consider helping them out this winter.

Love and Hugs,

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