Saturday, November 20, 2010

Visit to Westover Plantation Along the James River, Virginia

by Donna L. Watkins

This historical plantation was built in 1730 by William Evelyn Byrd II who was also the founder of the city of Richmond, Virginia. The location is beautiful and the brick mansion at Westover is considered to be one of the most outstanding examples of Georgian architecture in the country.

There are poplar trees over 150 years old and a formal garden that is lovely! We visited towards the end of October when there wasn't anything but a few blooms scattered, but there was a wonderful feeling about wandering through the paths and ancient boxwoods. What an amazing place it would be in Spring and Summer!

We had the place entirely to ourselves until we were exiting the garden when another couple was coming in.  It was a wonderful place to dream and stroll with The Creator of it all.  It felt like home to both of us.  A lot of work had obviously gone into it when it was re-established about 1900, and many maintenance hours are obviously required.

Later I thought about when we passed the couple that was beginning their journey in the garden, that we should've said something to them .... maybe something like, "Welcome, have a delightful time" ... as if we were ourselves the creators of it all.  Isn't it grand to dream now and then about what we would do with such a place?  I certainly wouldn't want the maintenance headaches, but holding spiritual gatherings there would be so lovely!

The main house is not opened but by appointment for groups or twice a year events, but the outbuildings are all accessible and interesting. For detailed information in a photo journal, visit Westover Plantation photo album.

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