Friday, November 26, 2010

Immunity: Antibiotics and Vaccines

by Donna L. Watkins

Sometimes life gets too complicated. That has certainly occurred within the field of medicine. Whereas our ancestors considered "first do no harm" as the Hippocratic oath states, today's generation of potent and dangerous drugs that can be "pushed" on television with a low-volume mumbling of all of the health and death warnings being spoken while pleasant images of a better life are flashing before our eyes. We still need a dose of common sense when making medical decisions for ourselves and our families ... so it is with the use of vaccines and antibiotics.

A strong immune system will defend you against any disease including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Plus, being healthy has many side benefits including a superior quality of life, so diet is your first defense against disease. The quickest way to get nutrition into the body is through the use of fresh juices.

Vaccinations, immunizations, inoculations and antibiotics are very limited in what they can do to defend you against a microbial attack, besides them having debilitating side effects and also possible contamination. Also, neither vaccines nor antibiotics can protect you from new strains of a disease.

For more information on documented research about vaccines, see the search results.

Learn how to legally avoid unwanted vaccinations of all kinds.

Did you know that some children's vaccines have aborted fetus cells?

Please study the above links before vaccinating your children or yourself.

Regarding antibiotics, consideration of antibiotic alternatives should be seriously considered. Many health authorities now admit that antibiotics are overprescribed and toxic, creating many subtle problems worse than the original condition. An article by Lawrence Wilson, MD, Beyond Antibiotics, examines antibiotics more carefully with a more current view of research findings.

A study between the link of use of antibiotics creating asthma in children later in life is currently being conducted by the University of Alberta.

Consider common sense and that internal gut feeling you have about such things. Life can still be simpler and definitely more frugal with natural alternatives. We personally keep Silver Shield stocked in our medicine cabinet because of the research on this substance. The amount of research only grows, supporting the effectiveness of it. The pathogens tested and killed in this solution also grows.

We also have a Boomerang Air Sanitizer in our home which we consider to have been a good investment. With all the microbial attacks on our immune systems daily, we feel good about providing the microbial-killing qualities of the Boomerang within our home since it's where we spend the most time each week. While we sleep and our bodies recharge for another day, it's good to know our immune system is getting a break also.

Take time to discuss such family issues that are of great importance to future health conditions.

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