Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolve to Do More For Wildlife This Year

Choose one or more and determine to build a better habitat in your own yard for wildlife.

Suggestions from

Add a new water source for wildlife to your garden.

Learn more about the plants native to your region, and increase the diversity in your garden.

Select plants for their wildlife value. Be sure to think about year-round food sources from native plants.

Help rescue native plants from construction sites.

Join a local native plant or wildlife organization.

Remove invasive plants from your property.

Place nesting boxes around your property or at local parks.

Volunteer to help remove hazards and invasive plants from local parks.

Volunteer at local parks, schools, and community centers to educate adults and children both about eco-conscious gardening — planting beautiful indigenous plants for wildlife in a sustainable manner.

Donate to your favorite non-profit wildlife and nature organizations.

Help create a wildlife habitat at your local school.

Resolve to go chemical-free in the garden.

Reduce more of your lawn.

Take a class — there are so many educational opportunities out there for sustainable gardening, naturalists, wildlife gardeners, nature stewards, and more.

Leave a brush pile, dead tree, and all those leaves for the sake of the wildlife.

Help beautify your local office site with native plants.

Convince your neighbors to have beautiful wildlife gardens, too!

Make environmental activities a family affair.

Get outdoors more!

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