Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unique-Watch Your Tree Grow Greeting Cards

TreeNex is...
...planting a tree & watching it grow!

TreeNex gives you the opportunity to plant a living, breathing tree in a real forest with each greeting card or bookmark you purchase. Bookmarks are less than $2.00.

Whether you do it simply to have fun following the tree's development online, to give someone a unique gift, or to promote your business through employee rewards or customer perks, the end result is the same: doing it benefits the environment.

All cards and bookmarks are 100% recycled (post-consumer waste) treeless paper. They use only eco-friendly vegetable technology based and mineral oil free ink that contain >74% of renewable materials (determined by the so-called C14 method).

TreeNex is...
...a unique greeting. Each one has a unique Tree ID number that the recipient gets to enter online to watch their tree grow. Check it out and send your favorite people a card and a tree for their special occasion. I think it would be very cool for those who have just had a baby. A tree planted in the baby's name. Or maybe for an anniversary! I just think it's a great idea!

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