Saturday, January 1, 2011

Newsletter - 1/1/11

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  There are so many circumstances that make Christmas a sad time for many.  I received news of two children dying on Christmas Day.  It sure doesn't fit with what you imagine Christmas to be, but in the "universe" it is just another day with good and bad.

© 2010 Donna L. Watkins
Wren in Pie Plate with Seeds and Mealworms
Our Christmas was quiet with a few phone calls to friends and family.  We played games, did a lot of reading and made a squash casserole together.  Watched a couple of Christmas movie classics and went to bed early as usual.  It snowed a bit here so we didn't go out.  We had loads of birds feeding on our front porch bird buffet.  While we ate lunch we counted 18 species.  Wrens are such a favorite of mine.

We are thrilled to be finished with the painting that we intended to do.  Now the real painter is here doing the rest. We really like the new color which is called "camel." I know I was influenced by my friend Chloe the Camel.

We were fast asleep when we passed into the new year, but I always look at New Year's Day as a clean slate.  Like I can erase what I don't like about the previous year/life and make something new out of it.  It's a great time to set new spiritual goals and to rededicate ourselves to making God first in our lives.  It's also a good time for dreaming and making dreams come true.  If you're about to give up on a dream, don't do it.  I've been holding on to one for 10 years now and do not intend to let go.  There will be a moment in time when it all becomes clear.

I pray for YOU to have peace, joy, abundance, purpose, prosperity and more than anything else, more love than you could ever imagine.  That's what I pray for your new year!

Lotsa Love and New Year Blessings!


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