Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being Grateful Promotes Health

Sometimes, or most of the time, this is true as man nowadays spend much of his time to satisfy himself, such as eating, going to the office or work, spending long hours in front of the TV or computer, and sleeping.

About 16 hours or more are spent daily for these mundane activities and grappling with life's challenges and problems. Counting the blessings received in a day? No time at all! Instead before going to bed, the things people will more likely remember are the common problems they have in life. Unknowingly, minding these things can develop stress, depression and anxiety.

This build-up of stress causes worry to people even with the simplest things. Oftentimes, depressed people carry heavy grudges on themselves and have greater tendencies to "freak out". Once they get anxious, they can never be satisfied. Eventually, they get sick. Unfortunately, most fatal ailments are those which stem from stress and depression. Western medicine and even alternative medicine cannot help if the problem is attitudinal in nature. How can this problem be intervened, with less effort, and at the least expense? Be Thou Grateful

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