Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pets Buckle Up

From Bandit's Buddies Pet Blog

For decades, seat belts have been protecting families throughout the world from a baby in a car seat, a trucker on the road or a passenger in a car. BUT what about our pets.

Bark Buckle UP campaign educates pet parents on how to put on and take off safety pet belts and the importance of securing their pet safely for travel.

Bark Buckle UP will educate nationally, USE a pet safety belt every time, day & night, 24/7, coast to coast, long or short trips because Safety Belts Do Save Lives.

Buckling up is an important safety precaution for pets. Many states and provinces now require that pets be restrained while in a moving vehicle and restraints have several advantages. They help protect pets in case of a collision and they keep pets from running loose and distracting the driver. They also keep pets from escaping the car through an open window or door.

Cats and smaller dogs are often most comfortable in pet carriers. Carriers give many animals a sense of security and familiar surroundings and can be secured to the car seat with a seat belt or a specially designed carrier restraint (like a child's seat).

There are also pet restraints available that can be used without carriers, including harnesses, seat belt attachments, specially designed pet car seats, as well as vehicle barriers, and truck/pickup restraint systems.

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