Friday, October 31, 2008

An Extraordinary Life

This season of life has been filled with personal challenges. We face a lot of battles in life but some times too many at one time. In fighting the battle for my health, every other battle is more of an irritation since stress doesn't provide any benefit to my natural health program. We're fighting in our community to save the deer from being killed because 5% of the community has complained about them eating their landscapes. Where does the majority rules take place? Not here when the Board votes for personal reasons, rather than community good.

It's hard to live with a passion and love for wildlife when people in the community are wanting it destroyed. Aligning who I am with where I live has almost equaled the challenge of getting well, and most certainly has been a major factor in the results I'm getting.

So .. I've been spending some time in evaluations lately. It's part of my program. There's a time to get of the merry-go-round (usual routines) and step outside to see what needs to be painted and fixed.

One of the articles that I'm currently working on is from the Nightengale Conant website. These are some of the questions posed for mental processing:

The best place to begin living an extraordinary life is to honestly look at where you are now. This is not about judging yourself or making yourself wrong; it’s just a simple truth-telling from you, to you, about your current reality. That honest look at yourself will be part of the foundation for making some quantum leaps in effectiveness and in personal satisfaction.

How are you doing in the major areas of your life?

How are you doing with your relationships?

How about your career?

Your health and fitness?

Your connection to spirit?

Take an honest, direct, and nonjudgmental look at where you are. Beating yourself up is counterproductive. Glossing over real problems and having your ego speak is also counterproductive.

The following questions are for you to answer and only for you. It’s through the resulting awareness that you can create an authentic opening for the rest of your ability to living an extraordinary life. You can just mentally make notes of your answers, or for maximum value, you can write them down. Read the entire article.

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