Saturday, October 4, 2008

Strength For The Task

by Donna L. Watkins

The worst part of rheumatoid arthritis for me has been the fatigue. Some days have been like dragging a ton of weight around on my shoulders, arms and legs just to get to the kitchen for water.

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One of those days can take you down if you begin to think about NOT having any strength. Your mind focuses on the problem, not the solution, so negative thoughts produce negative energy. We have to stay focused on the Truth and not the current circumstances. The first hour of the day for me is crucial because what I believe in that segment of the day becomes what my day is. I've seen it a thousand times.

When you can't do some of the simplest things you'd like to do, you can easily get discouraged and that discouragement creates a worsening of the problem. We have to always keep in mind that our thoughts create realities, so we have to guard our hearts closely and put on our armor daily holding the Shield of Faith before us because the devil desires to take us down.

A few weeks ago I met with our associate pastor and another friend for healing prayer. You really can't fight a battle alone. I'm an only child and a very independent person, not realizing that some things in life take team work. God tells us we are a Body of Christ and all parts are needed. It's not that I avoid help, it's that it's foreign to me since I've mostly managed my problems alone. It's just a learned behavior ... but some behaviors need altering.

As mentioned in the recent article, Don't Fly Solo, the geese that fly in formation increase their flight range by 71% a day. Teamwork increases results. When an independent goose goes on its own, it soon finds itself adrift. Its wings are heavy from exhaustion and it loses altitude and begins to drop.

We need the prayer agreement with others to keep us strong and flying. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, "And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." With my two friends in agreement for healing, I stand daily in God's strength provided by His Body.

Don Anderson says, "We must not pray for tasks equal to our might, but for God-given might equal to our tasks." Isn't it glorious that as the devil tries to make us weaker and weaker, God's strength can be radiantly displayed. He's with us, cares for us and will supply us with whatever it takes to cope with our health issues until we have the faith to be made whole. God is for us, not against us!

It's been wonderful to say goodbye to the fatigue and it's a lot easier to stand in faith for complete healing when you have the strength to do your daily necessities and all that you desire to do for others and your family.

Our mindset is so crucial. Our thoughts rule our physiological process as research has shown.

Grab a couple of fellow geese and increase your strength and abilities. Don't Fly Solo!

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