Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Deaths From Herbs vs. Drugs

From Natural News

The Stanford Daily Journal reported that about 125,000 deaths occur per year due to people taking prescription drugs incorrectly.

Total unexpected deaths from the western medical profession in this country (USA) was estimated as high as 800,000 per year (this would include all malpractice, iatrogenic disease, surgery and anesthesia problems, drug overdose, drug misuse and abuse and drug side-effects).

While my research into the matter certainly did not reveal a very clear picture of how many people were really dying due to drugs, it did reveal enough to make the point, which is that herbs are far, far safer on their worst day.

On average, herbs kill a grand total of 5-6 people per year and herbs get abused all the time. People use herbs in a crazy, out of balance way without even consulting a qualified herbalist and we still get 5-6 people per year.

There are a few more medical conditions blamed on herbs but believe me when I tell you that the most dangerous herb still in use is far safer than the safest over-the-counter drug.

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sharingsunshine said...

I am in Costa Rica now and have been for 7 weeks to learn Spanish. Health care here is nothing less than excellent with a big business in "medical tourism" as the agencies are called that make the arrangements for surgeries, dental, cosmetic, etc. HUGE difference in prices.

The culture of Costa Rica is rich in herbal roots and there are herbalists at the local markets and herbal remedies are discussed. I don't know if there is integration into the medical realm. Most likely, as in the USA, the medical professionals have made the choice to study drugs rather than health care, but my judgment might be well displaced.

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