Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pit Bull's Second Chance

Hector ought to be dead — killed in one of his staged fights, or executed for not being “game” enough, not winning, or euthanized by those who see pit bulls seized in busts as “kennel trash,” unsuited to any kind of normal life.

Instead, Hector is learning how to be a pet.

After the Hell of a fighting ring, he has reached a Heaven of sorts. Saved by human angels in a series of unlikely breaks, transported thousands of miles, along with other dogs rescued with him.

Be sure to check out the slide show link. Grab a tissue! The joy on those faces makes me cry.

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Anonymous said...

As a possessor of a B.S. degree in Agriculture, I would like to propose a final solution to gaining acceptance of Pit Bulls (PB's) in America. Have every puppy with ANY PB ancestry, however remote, brought to a canine dentist for humane extraction of ALL of its teeth. This would defang most, if not all, of the critics' arguments that PB's are dangerous to others. After all, when is the last time any PB victim was gummed or licked to death? In the spirit of St. Valentine, I hereby waive my usual fee for professional advice in this case. Uncle C J

Anonymous said...

i have a pit bull which i have had since he was about 4 weeks old, i had to use puppy milk supplement. he has been sleeping with me and is a very sweet dog. my problem is he has a very short fuse with the other dogs who are under 5 lbs. he does not start the fights but he definitely gets extremely violent, he is 7 months old now. the only solution i have gotten from my vet is to have him defanged for the sake of the other dogs and prevent him from being chained outside. any other ideas? said...

I am going to suggest leaving the teeth in, making sure your dog is on a good quality diet and buying a book called Click to Calm and finding a trainer that does clicker training that can work with you and your dog. As your dog matures, bad habits can escalate. Also, neuter your dog. To Uncle CJ...aren't you funny...can we extract the teeth of all the mean people in this world too? ha!

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