Thursday, February 7, 2008

False Medical Research on Household Chemical

For decades chemical-makers have assured the public that the hormone-mimicking compound Bisphenol-A is safe, and the federal government agreed. This chemical is used in baby bottles, aluminum cans and hundreds of household products.

Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has found that studies and research are heavily funded by the chemical companies producing the chemical.

The article says 80% of academically and government-funded research found that bisphenol-A is harmful in laboratory animals. Most of the industry-funded studies found there was no harm.

Read the entire article.

Harmful side-effects of bisphenol-A include hyperactivity, diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, low sperm counts, miscarriages, and more.

Now a congressional committee has launched an investigation into its use since it is found in many children's and infant's products, including the lining of infant formula cans.

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