Monday, February 25, 2008

Reducing Meat Consumption

The risks from eating meat and the benefits of replacing the meat on your plate with plant-based alternatives, especially legumes, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, are well researched and reported.

Besides health benefits, meat and dairy also have significant environmental costs. The United Nations recently reported that diet is a major factor in greenhouse gas emissions, even more so than transportation. Beef and fish consumption is particularly damaging to the environment, according to the UN report and other sources, such as the WorldWatch Institute.

If concern for your health or the environment is not of interest, what about the animal cruelty involved?


soteriagal said...

It's not the meat per se that is a problem, it's what man has done TO meat and dairy that makes it unhealthy. I don't buy into the 'gas emissions' and other silly ideas men come up with. God's Word is our final and only authority. God said we could and should eat meat and enjoy it. Grassfed meat and dairy is certainly the healthiest choice. Everything we eat is best when eaten as pure and clean as possible, without chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, etc.

sharingsunshine said...

God's Word is definitely the final authority to me. But eating meat was His 2nd best. He created man as a vegetarian and even our dental and intestinal structure is not designed for meat eating. After the flood there was no plants to eat. Seems we've been "messing things up" from very early on. Pure and clean is best but then the Bible also says we can drink poison and not be affected, so should we really be concerned about all the chemicals, etc.? Always lots to think about in this lifetime. One day we shall have all the answers to our "wonderings." :-)

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