Friday, February 15, 2008

Gardening With Vinegar

We all know that vinegar has a hundred uses in the home, but it can be used in the garden also.

Kill Grass and Weeds
Use full strength in any area where you do not want anything to grow. Be careful not to put it on a slope that will cause it to run down into an area that you want things to grow in. This stuff really works, so use it carefully. You can apply it with a spray bottle.

Dirty Planter and Pots
Planters and pots begin to look old and crummy with the salt buildup from watering. Soak the stains in full strength vinegar. You can use a sponge to soak and then to rub off.

Ant Repellent
Full strength vinegar will keep ants from going into the house if you spray around doorways or any opening you know exists. You'll have to reapply at least two times a week, so leave the bottle right inside the door to remind you.

Freshen Your Cut Flowers
Vinegar helps flowers to last longer in the vase. Add about 1 T. to 2 cups of water and also add 1 a pinch of sugar.

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