Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hawthorn For The Heart - People and Pets

Regarding the value of herbal treatment for patients with heart failure, a new review of existing research suggests that Hawthorn Extract "significantly" improves symptoms.

A group evaulated hawthorn extract against a placebo for treating patients with chronic heart failure. They identified 14 randomised control trials that compared the effects of adding Hawthorn Extract or placebo to conventional therapies.

The trials involved a total of 855 patients and the data indicated that Hawthorn Extract:

* improved maximal workload,
* increased exercise tolerance,
* reduced oxygen consumption by the heart
* reduced shortness of breath and fatigue
* a few people reported mild nausea, dizziness and heart and stomach complaints

I have used Hawthorn Extract for years for a heart problem and find it to be wonderful. A side benefit is that it builds the adrenal glands and with the stresses of life always there to bombard us, I really like knowing I'm feeding those adrenal glands too.

It's a great herb for pets also and is part of the natural heartworm programin the HSII formula since you need to build their heart when you destroy the heartworms.
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