Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Birds, Berries and Trusting God

While I was on the porch earlier this week, I watched a Northern Mockingbird enjoy the buffet of our wildlife gardening. He began with the pyracantha bushes eating orange berries there, and hopped to the Beautyberry bush for purple berries, and then to the Winterberries for some red berries where you see him in this photo.

What a delight it must be to be able to wake up each day trusting in God to provide all you need. Yes, there may be some challenges and fears to face, but these too shall pass away and not be worried over upon rising the following morning.

It gives new meaning to a sunrise .... reminding me that each day we see one, we should remember that the Son rises within us calling us to peace, joy and contentment in Him. I've been very mindful of things I'm grateful for with Thanksgiving approaching. There's great peace in spending time making your blessings list. Certainly more fun than compiling the "to do" list.

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