Monday, November 27, 2006

Rest and Trust

by Donna L. Watkins

In the winter birds have to be especially alert to shadows from the sky (hawks) because they are so visible on the many trees and bushes that are now leafless.

This Blue Jay seems to be especially bold resting on the tree in front of our house. Being in a wooded area, we see quite a few hawks, and we also see birds continually looking upward to be alert to danger.

This bird seemed to be resting and trusting that he was just fine. It gave me a picture of how we are to be. Knowing our Heavenly Father will take care of us no matter what the dangers are around us.

The world is so big on making things happen. Everybody seems to be joining the rat race to the world's definition of success. Where is the stillness that the Bible talks about Christians having? Where is great peace and joy? We are driven to do more and more even in areas where we should be trusting God to work.

Has prayer become obsolete? Totally useless because it doesn't meet the time factors of our project deadlines? Who set the deadlines? I'm always intrigued with the pace of Jesus. He had so much to accomplish on His short stay on earth and yet He never hurried. Never scurried even in the face of death. Yes, He was God and man, but on earth He was operating as man. He had only His faith in His Father to rely on. His timing was not even the world's timing back then. Many thought He had to come quickly, but rather than speed, He chose Faith to overcome even death.

We must learn to place our trust in God. He has promised to be with us at all times, to make our paths straight and to make a way through all of our mountains of troubles. In His name we pray and in Him we trust to accomplish what we cannot and should not.

He knows the beginning and the end. We can place our confidence in the One who never fails. We may look back and think He has failed, but if we see the whole picture, it may be that we messed too much with the situation. Sometimes doing hands are best put to rest as praying hands, which can truly accomplish so much more than any of us can ever imagine.

Trusting in Him. This is where God wants our hearts to be. To obey because of the wisdom gained from faith in Him and His Word. How much more can we accomplish in life if we trust and obey our Heavenly Papa. This doesn't mean we don't move at all and expect everything to just happen around us. God will use us on this earth, but we must listen to find out His way of doing it. Don't go from one extreme to the other of rushing in to do it all, to sitting and doing nothing.

Right now, push the PAUSE button on your life. Find a place of stillness and pour out all your troubles and projects and plans before the Father and allow Him to speak in a still small voice. He promises to direct your paths and Ps. 84:11 says, "Not one good thing has the Lord withheld from me." Believe in this Father, unlike your earthly father who made human mistakes. Don't confuse Our Father with any father on earth. This is The Father that you've always wanted to have. Run to Him and put your life into His hands and rest from your weary labor and burdens.

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