Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Entertaining The Cat and Bluebirds

It's a bit cold for Squeek to spend her days on the screened porch, so she now spends time at the windows wildlife watching with me. She especially likes the door to the deck since we have squirrels that entertain her while they look around for peanuts we toss out there. What won't we pet owners will do to entertain our pets in winter?

We also have a clay dish out there with mealworms for the birds and it attracts bluebirds. I got a series of photos of Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird with a conversation titled in since there was a turtle in the dish with the mealworms to provide entertaining dialogue. The photo story begins here. Click the double arrows to the right to continue. Please add your own comments or captions. I love reading them!

I was talking on the phone about a week ago as our cat was walking through the kitchen. At the moment she was passing the area of the counter where the toaster sits, it popped up with my English muffin. She popped up higher than the muffin and then hit the ground with all fours scratching away on the vinyl as she tried to race out of the kitchen. She was obviously startled but it was hard to be sympathetic while I was having a really good laugh. We need a web cam installed for such moments.

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