Saturday, November 18, 2006

Heartworms Gone With Herbal Program

I have a friend who works with dogs on heartworm programs. She's a hero to me! This is one of the many similar emails she gets from her clients.

"Hi Robin, I know you don't remember me but I contacted you about a year ago regarding my dog, Dakota, who was diagnosed with heartworms. We put her on the Nature's Sunshine Products you recommended. My wife and I took her to the vet tonight and were hoping for the best but expecting the worse. We told the vet that we were using natural herbs to treat the heatworms. She was polite but we both caught the look of "you have to be kidding me." She came back and told us that Dakota's blood test came back negative and that she was heartworm free. The vet asked what we gave Dakota and we told her. She wanted me to call her with the more detailed information. Just thought you would like to know. Thanks again, Tom N."

If you know somebody with a heartworm dog, send them this story. There's an email option at the bottom of the post. Robin's site will give details on the heartworm program. There is a prevention program also. Robin will be happy to work with your dog. She's helped over a thousand dogs and loves animals. There are alternatives to all the drugs and chemicals if you get informed of the options.

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