Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Rough Green Snake

We took a day trip to Leesburg, Virginia, to meet some family from Pennsylvania. We all love nature, so most of the day was spent in various parks. At the first stop we got to see a Rough Green Snake, some deer galloping through the woods, and we heard several songbirds. I was most excited about the snake because I don't remember ever seeing one.

The pictures turned out great and he was very mild mannered as the field guide said. View the Rough Green Snake photos. Click the double arrows to the right to view the close-ups.

I wanted so badly to pick him up. Although I no longer have a fear of snakes, my mind still tells me they're dangerous. Doesn't compute, so I know that it's just old tapes from growing up and from all the fear that people have about snakes.

Sadly so many of them are killed just because of that fear. They don't like us more than we don't like them so they will avoid us at all costs if possible and those that are poisonous do not want to waste their poison on something as large as we are since they know we won't provide a meal for them since they can't swallow us whole.

It takes time for them to reproduce that poison so they avoid using it at all costs. If you see a snake back away and don't feel like you have to kill it. Even poisonous snakes have a great benefit to our planet and without them we would be overrun with rodents. I have since looked up online how to catch a snake. WikiHow has an article called How To Catch a Snake.

This is useful information if you have one in your yard that you would like to relocate for some reason. We appreciate the snakes on our land since they tend to keep things in balance. I don't want them in my bird boxes though, so I wouldn't want too have many of them.

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