Friday, November 24, 2006

Urban Birds

Is it possible that observing a pigeon with curious and open eyes could change our world or a child's future?

As kids we begin life with a natural affinity for science and nature, but as we grow older we stop watching busy ants on sidewalks and forget to notice the House Sparrows at our feet in parking lots.

While we were in Helsinki, Finland, on a Baltic Cruise, the urban pigeons enjoyed resting in many unusual spots that were in easy view of passersby. I was initially attracted to the sculpture before noticing the pigeons on it.

Urban Bird Studies, a program of Cornell, provides accessible opportunities for bird watching and local environmental awareness. Participants observe birds in city streets and on window ledges, as well as in green parks and community gardens.

You can become part of this project and rediscover natural life in the city. Regain some of that childlike wonder about life. Find out more.

Parents and Teachers!
There's a lot of resources available from Cornell to stimulate ideas on how to make this happen for your kids or students. Visit their site to find them.

Would you like to know how to celebrate birds in your neighborhood? There's an Urban Birds Workshop available and it's free at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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