Saturday, November 4, 2006

Fall Colors, Birds and Our Father's Provision

The trees are showing off their leaves as they lose their chlorophyll, revealing their real colors before dying and falling to the ground. I laid on the hammock one day and enjoyed the show as they danced all around me falling from high in the sky down to the ground. So noble and graceful. Oh .. that I would live so willing to bend at the Father's will for my life and to do only what He created me to do.

Creation seems to do that so well. I watch the birds day after day feeding and cleaning and roosting and singing. It appears they truly trust in the Master's provision for them. If we were that certain of such provision, we would surely relax from the many burdens we carry around unnecessarily. If we would trust God to do what He says He will do and receive His love knowing that everything will work for our good no matter what it looks like to us.

He sees our beauty, as we see the beauty of the Fall colors .... yet those colors only come when the tree is about to look dead and go through the rough season of winter. Should we weather our seasons with any less glory?

We have been surrounded on all sides of the house with White-throated Sparrows, like this little fellow to the left. They make me think God has put a bib on each one of them with that white throat patch. Birds remind me to be carefree and trusting, believing that my Father will make sure there is provision for me daily. That reminds me when I lay down my head at night that there's nothing else to think about until tomorrow. A good night's sleep is very important to our mental, physical and emotional well being.

I hope you're already making your Thankful List. In November, because it's the Thanksgiving month, I think of who is special in my life and take the time to say thanks.

Keeping the Holiday Season simple has been a great and peaceful change for us and for my mental and physical health. We can really make the end of the year an exhausting time resulting in colds and flu from the stress and too many sweets. May I encourage you now to consider what you want the holiday to be and maybe you can influence your family like I did and keep it really simple.

By the way, each of you are very special to me. I treasure your time spent with me and on our Bluebird Cove photo gallery. Thank you for the kind and generous words you send by email, and thank you for sharing this website with others.

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