Monday, November 27, 2006

Comfort Food, Cleansing and Weight Loss

Now that we're through Thanksgiving, we can challenge ourselves to analyze our relationship to food before December arrives. Obesity in America is an epidemic and I believe it's because of the stressful lifestyle and fast pace we have set for ourselves. The bar to "measure up" has been raised higher and higher till nobody ever truly makes it over, but nobody notices that since they are trying to measure up in their own life.

Food has become a comfort zone for many. It's the basis of life from the day we are born and we associated needs being met by our mouths being filled. Eating and drinking should be done to maintain the body, but glandular malfunction can easily cause addiction to the behavior. Dieter's Cleanse may help to get the focus changed.

We must learn to eat and drink to the glory of God. Food is what tempted Adam and Eve to sin and it was also through eating that the devil sought to tempt our Lord in challenging Him to turn the stones into bread while He fasted 40 days in the wilderness. (Luke 4:3)

Those of us who are not overweight are not released from responsibility. I had to give up chocolate over 8 years ago because I couldn't have it now and then. It was like alcohol is to an alcoholic. If I had any chocolate I would go on a binge, making myself sick and guilt-ridden because our home only held nutritious foods and this was not on the approved list. I found myself eating it in the closet and realized that this food had control of part of my life and that was not acceptable.

I had tried everything on my own to quit the habit, but it wasn't until I told the Lord I could not do this and asked Him to do it for me that I had victory. I told Him that if He would take away the craving, I would forever say "no" to chocolate. I made that vow and hung in there for the 2-3 weeks saying "no" till it got out of the physical body realm and into the spiritual. After that the cravings and fascination with chocolate was gone. That was in November 1998.

Let me challenge you to obey what you are hearing the Lord say in relation to diet. It will bring you much peace and joy as you gain control over the Enemy's temptations in your life.

Before the hustle and bustle of the Season gets you stressed out and blows your immune system, plan now on how you will simplify what Christmas means for your family. Have a family meeting and decide what you want December to be in your home and your lives. I wrote a couple of article years back that may give you some ideas:

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