Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Elephant Sanctuary In Tennessee

What a sanctuary indeed. It's been a delight to read the stories about this place that began in 1995. It's the nation's largest natural-habitat refuge developed specifically to meet the needs of endangered elephants. I fell in love with elephants after a trip to Thailand where I saw them chained to posts and used for tourists to ride.

These are gentle animals have a need to bond with other elephants and be part of a close knit group. Denying them this emotional and psychological need while using them for entertainment is nothing less than abusive. They are not solitary animals.

The Elephant Sanctuary was designed specifically for old, sick or needy elephants who have been retired from zoos and circuses. Utilizing more than 2700 acres, it provides three separate and protected, natural-habitat environments for Asian and African elephants. Our residents are not required to perform or entertain for the public; instead, they are encouraged to live like elephants.

They're not open for tourists, but there's a lot you can learn online at their website or view
Video About The Elephant Sanctuary.

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