Monday, October 1, 2007

Finding a Wildlife Rehabilitator For Injured or Abandoned Wildlife

Whenever you find an injured animal, its chances for survival will be increased if you can quickly get it to somebody trained to help it. Dietary needs are very specific and internal injuries can be present that need immediate attention.

If you can put a bird back in a nest, do so. It's a myth that the mother bird won't feed the baby is a human touches it. That was a good way to keep kids from messing with bird nests, but it's not fact. Watch to be sure there is a parent to feed the bird.

If a parent doesn't come to feed the bird in an hour, it's best to rush it to somebody who can help. While you're watching, look for the closest Wildlife Rehabilitator.

Here's a few sites that may help you to locate one in your area:

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