Monday, October 15, 2007

Our FIV Cat - Nutrition and Immune Support

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Since we have an FIV kitty, I make sure she gets a very balanced diet and add supplements that will keep her immune system running well to avoid the complications of FIV. I rotate on various immune-enhancing herbs like Spirulina, Thim-J, etc.
We feed Life’s Abundance and Instinctive Choice to provide an excellent nutritional foundation, it’s also true that no two cats have precisely the same nutritional requirements. Breed, age, activity level, environment, genetics and other factors determine your cat’s special needs.
As pet parents, we recognize the wildness in our cats. They hide behind the sofa and pounce on a toy mouse or perch perfectly still while observing a bird. And with the majority of companion cats confined to the home with little or no access to the outdoors, they are repeatedly exposed to household cleaners, the impurities of tap water, herbicides and pollutants that we bring in the house on our shoes and clothes, and even from the repeated use of prescription medicines. All of these elements can have a negative impact on a cat’s bodily organs and immune system.

This comprehensive approach to supplementation helps our cat to thrive and meet her unique feline requirements. At the last visit to the vet they couldn't believe she was an FIV kitty and that she looked so good at 10 years old.

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